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If you keep doing everything the same way, how do you expect the results to be any different?


Are You Having Fun?

As CEO, President or Owner you are looking at the numbers and you are frustrated. You are clocking a lot of hours but the results are disappointing. The days go by with a lot of things getting done but the "to do" list isn't shrinking. If only the results reflected this hard work. Let's talk. This is Steve Pohlit. I am a phone call away and the initial discussion is complimentary. The number is 727-587-7871.

Or.....Maybe It Is Not So Bad!

Things are going fairly smoothly. The results are on plan or maybe even better. But as one famous adviser would say, your business should be easy and insanely profitable.

If your business is easy to run and insanely profitable, I would appreciate the opportunity to interview you for a book that I am writing. But if you just doing OK, what happens when a competitor figures out the profit in your niche or how well are you positioned to move forward if a key employee should leave? Let's explore what your business could be doing. My number is 727-587-7871

Business Consulting Services That Will  Benefit Your Company. 

"Money likes speed. Money comes to those who act fast.....When you get an inspired nudge to take action, then take action. Don't wait. Act right now!!"

Joe Vitale, The Attractor Facto

Exec Net Business Consulting Services

An In-Depth,  Step-By-Step, What-To-Do and How-To-Do-It  Process for Achieving the Revenue and Profit Potential of Your Business With Less Demands On Your Time.


Some Details About Our Work        

We work with you so your business achieves its potential.  During our initial consultation we will quickly prioritize your most pressing issues and develop achievable goals.  You will learn our approach to helping you achieve them using the process developed by our firm which we call The Profit System. You will receive our detailed work plan and know what we will do and the milestones for measuring our progress.

We are only as successful as our latest projects. This is far more important to us than our fees. We ask that each of our clients to follow the direction of our business consulting experts as outlined in our project scope document and detailed project work plan. Progress is tracked weekly. Companies dedicated to achieving the targeted project goals are successful and realize a high return on investment.

The Profit Expert

You deserve expert support. It is not unusual for business consultants to have never worked in a business. I am Steve Pohlit, president of Exec Net Consulting. I have worked with billion dollar international companies and I have owned several of my own businesses. When you work with me you will know I have lived the experiences that have brought me to the point where I could develop this consulting process that will have a significant positive difference on your bottom line.

You Are Invited To Call Me, To Discuss Your
Business Goals. This is a No-Charge Consultation.
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I hope we have the opportunity to work together. Regardless, I wish you, your family and business the best of health, happiness and prosperity.

With warm regards,

Steve Pohlit, President
Exec Net Consulting